etaPRO v3.0
An innovative, multi-utility software package
from L&T Switchgear, for easy and error free
selection of Reactive Power & Harmonic Management
Download etaPRO now to benefit from
  • Active Harmonic Filter selection
  • Easy selection of capacitors and reactors
  • Error free switchgear rating selection
  • Time saving while prepairing APFC quotations
  • Optimum step size selection
  • Automatic selection of capacitor-reactor combinations
  • Easy generation & formatting of Bill of Materials in Microsoft Excel
  • KVAr calculation-Easy calculation of capacitor KVAr rating if initial power factor and final power factor are known.
  • Detuned harmonic filter selection-Selection of right capacitor-reactor combination(detuned harmonic filter)
  • APFC panel Bill of Material generation-Covers capacitor selection,switchgear selection,switching device selection.The output gives the
  • catalogue nummbers and MRP of all the items in the panel that can be exported to excel format.
  • Payback calculation-Monthly payback calculation,after improving the power factor to the desired level.
  • Technical articles and presentations technical articles and technical presentations related to reactive power and harmonic management.

Designed & Developed By L&T

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You can download etaPRO setup in two ways :
1. With .Net Framework -
.Net Framework is the Prerequisite to install etaPRO Software. If you have Windows XP or previous version OS, you have to download this setup. It will install .Net Framework 3.5 and etaPRO on your system.
2. Without Framework -
If you have already installed .Net Framework 3.5 or if you have OS Windows 7, 8, Vista and versions after XP, you can download this setup.

To configure .Net Framework 3.5 on your Windows 7 or later, follow these steps.
i. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features.
ii. In left side pane click on Turn Windows Features on or off.
iii. Tick on Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 and Click OK.
After this you can install etaPRO Software through the setup which you have downloaded from site.

With .Net Framework
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Without .Net Framework
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