MNX Contactors-Setting Global Bench Marks       Type MNX 9A to 18A


  > Easy Coil Replacement
  > Lockable in "OFF" Condition
  > Easy Contact Inspection and Replacement
  > Free from double drop-off or pick-up
  > Total Finger Proofing
  > Ring type Lug termination possible
  > Coil terminals on either side (4 way termination)
  > Common coil for entire range
  > High making capacity
  > Low temperature rise
  > Loose screws cannot fall down
  > +/- Self Lifting Screw Washer Assemblies
  > Made using Fire retardant,environment friendly thermoplastic material
  > DIN Rail Mounting
  > Alpha-Numeric Terminal Markings
  > Direct Mountig of relay is possible

    > 2 Pole & 4 Pole Add-ON blocks
    > Add-ON Pneumatic Timer
    > Mechanical Interlock
    > Surge Suppressor

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