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L&T's Electronic trivector meter, Model ER300P,is a multipurpose unit which integrates several functions and replace various equipments for metering energy parameters. ER300P measures all energy related parameters in import and export directions. It accepts and sends energy related pulses to the external metering device. ER300P is available for both HT and LT applications.

To prevent unauthorised tampering, two levels of password are provided in the meter - for modifying the settings and for keyboard programming. Sealing facility is provided on the meter (cover, terminal block), battery and MD reset push buttons. ER300P can be programmed either with an MRI or PC.The PC based software for programming the meter is menu driven and user-friendly. All meter settings and data can be accessed with an MRI / PC. Exhaustive software is provided for data collection, load survey analysis and energy management applications.


  • Accuracy of class 1.0/0.5/0.2
  • Multi tariff capability
  • Three separate Maximum Demand Indicators
  • Fraud / Tamper Detection capability
  • Battery Back-up for Data collection
  • Auto and Manual scrolling of Display
  • Rugged construction and elegant polycarbonate casing
  • 2 pulse LED outputs Available (kWh, kVARh)
  • Data retention for 10 years in absence of power
  • Manual MD reset push button,auto reset
         and auto manual reset

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