Specially designed and developed for RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL installation

E&A brings to you the Final Distribution Products: the Tripper range which covers modular devices for delivering safe electrical power to your home appliances and keeping you and your family safe.

Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • Available in
    B curve : SP : 6A to 40A
    C curve : SP, DP, TP & FP : 6A to 63A
  • No line-load Bias offers flexibility to connect incoming supply at top or bottom as per user’s convenience
  • Ease of installation with two position DIN Clip
  • 35 sq.mm termination capacity for ease of termination.
Residual Circuit Breakers
  • Available in
    DP & FP : 30mA, 100mA & 300mA : 25A, 40A & 63A
  • Combi head screw allows use of standard as well as Philips head screwdriver
  • Advanced neutral mechanism ensures complete protection
  • Finger proof IP20 terminals
  • Available in
    DP & FP : 30mA, 100mA & 300 mA : 6A to 63A
  • Offers 3 in 1 protection against overload, short-circuit & leakage currents
Automatic Changeover
with Current Limiter (ACCL)
  • Available in multiple current ratings
    Generator side : 1.5A to 30A
    Electricity board side : 30A
  • LED indications for Mains ON, Genset ON & Genset Overload
MCB Type
Changeover Switches
  • Available in
    DP : 25A, 40A & 63A
    FP : 40A & 63A
  • Available with 3 positions (I-O-II) with centre OFF position
  • Safe and secure termination with safety shutters
Tripbox Plus range of
Distribution Boards
  • Complete range of Distribution Boards
    SPN, TPN, HPPI, 7 Segment, VTPN, P&S DBs & Enclosures
  • Suitable for flush as well as surface mounting
  • Powder coated, matte finish RAL 9003
  • Shrouded neutral bars to avoid accidental contact