MCBs - Protection with Savings

Apart from providing protection against overload and short-circuit faults, the AU range of MCBs is designed to offer the lowest watt loss in the industry. This conserves power and helps you save much more than money.

0.5A - 125A | B, C, D Curves | SP, DP, TP, FP, SPN & TPN
Available in Standard & Quick Connect Version

Short-circuit Fault Indication
  • Indicates that the MCB has tripped a on short-circuit fault
  • Clear indication by amber coloured flag
  • Easy detection of occurrence of a short-circuit fault
  • Faulty phase detection in multi-pole MCBs
  • Clear differentiation between overload and short-circuit fault
'Quick Connect' Design
Quick Connect' Design
  • Both, flexible and rigid wires can be terminated by sliding them along the termination groove; no tool required for terminating the rigid wire
  • Reduces installation time
Lowest Watt Loss
  • MCBs from AU Solutions offer the lowest watt loss in the industry
  • On an average, the watt loss values are almost 55% lower than those prescribed by IEC, and are the lowest among its kind of products
True Position Indication
True Position Indication
  • Knob indicates actual position of the contacts inside