RCBOs - Enhanced Safety

The AU Solutions range RCBOs provides protection from overload, short-circuit and earth leakage.

6A - 63A | 10mA - 300mA | DP & FP
Available in AC & Adi

Short-circuit Fault Indication
Short Circuit Fault indication
  • Indicates that the breaker has tripped on a short-circuit fault
  • Clear indication by amber coloured flag
  • Easy detection of occurrence of short-circuit fault
Earth Leakage Fault Indication
Earth Leakage Fault indication
  • To indicate that the device has tripped due to an earth leakage
  • Clear indication by yellow coloured flag (2 Pole, 2 Module);  indication through knob in others
  • Easy detection of occurrence of earth leakage
Ensures Safe Installation
Ensures Safe Installation

Safety Shutter

  • Avoids incorrect cable insertion
Prevents Unauthorized Access
Prevents Unauthorized Access

Provision for Padlock

  • Can be used either in ON or OFF position to meet specific customer requirements